Our Activities & Extras

Happitots Nursery Garrowhill offers a wide range of nursery activities and extras to enrich every child's experience of nursery and to support busy parents.

Nursery Teacher

We are lucky to have our own Nursery Teacher who work closely with our staff to promote positive learning experiences for our children.

Swimming Lessons

We help children become confident little swimmers with regular lessons at the local pool. 

E Learning Tablets

E Learning Journals & Tablets

E-Learning Journals allow you to see your child’s activities at nursery with the click of a button. Staff upload images and notes about your child's participation in activities at nursery for to access wherever you are. Our nursery tablets offer exciting and stimulating learning experiences tailored to challenge and engage little ones. 

Eco Schools

Eco Schools

Eco Schools is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world and is designed to encourage action on sustainable development education issues. Our children love getting involved in their Eco Schools projects and learning about how to help protect the environment. 

Spanish Lessons

Hola! Our pre-school children are given the opportunity to explore another language through weekly Spanish lessons. 

Dance Factory

We love visits from the Song & Dance Factory! Our children develop their creativity, confidence and movement skills through these fun and energetic classes.

Community Outings

Our nursery enjoys great ties with our local community and we are often out and about visiting local sights and getting involved in events. 


Held in Muir Memorial Church, we celebrate the children’s transition with a special graduation ceremony and a family tea party afterwards.

Christmas Shows

We celebrate Christmas by putting on a wonderful Christmas show for friends and family each year. There’s always much excitement in preparing for the show as we learn songs and organise our costumes. 

Fundraising Activities

Taking part in fundraising activities helps children to learn about others that are less fortunate than themselves and understand how we can help them. Fundraising events are good fun and are a great way to get children, families and communities together.